Little Musician Plus – Note Reading



Product Description

Help your children learn and recognize the sound and basics of music notes.

Get a set of 20 physical Music Cards to play along with the app. These lovely Music Cards contain musical notes, and their relating positions on the staff, animals, and sol-fa name. Simply tap your Music Cards to the screen and bring the app to life! Each card activates the sound of the particular note or solfege. They are also great for a variety of possible activities on its own! A perfect way to get parents and children learning and playing together!

Little Musician Plus – Note Reading app should be used with Little Musician Plus – Music Cards.


Specially tailored for children from 3 to 8 years old
Adorable and Colorful Cartoon Characters and Animations
Fun games to stimulate learning
Packed with hours of comprehensive interactive games and
Works on iPad and iPad Mini (Pease refers to

2 modes to test your young ones’ musical knowledge. Your children will sure have lots of fun playing while learning about music.

Children can learn and recognize the sound and position of each musical notes by tapping the set of Music Cards on the device.

Test your note reading through different interactive games, including ”Missing Note” and “Matching”!