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Mate Translate is a Chrome extension that makes it easier to get translations while browsing the web. Key features: • Generate translations just by selecting a word or phrase with the Shift+T keyboard shortcut. • After translating a word or phrase, use the Text-to-Speech option to hear it being read. • With the context menu, you can access several more options, including the ability to generate translations by double-clicking words. • View your translation history and save words and phrases in the Phrasebook. • View your phrasebook if you’re logging in to your account. • Use an optional feature to generate a translation by double-clicking words. • Request a human translation from selected words or phrases. • The Translation service provides translation for countries and languages that match your needs. • Monitor your translation logs for errors. • Invite your friends to translate and share with them. • Use your favorite languages in the Phrasebook. Supported languages: – Arabic – Belarusian – Bulgarian – Chinese, Simplified – Chinese, Traditional – Czech – Croatian – Czech, Polish – Danish – Dutch – English, US – English, UK – Finnish – French – German – Greek – Hungarian – Italian – Japanese – Korean – Latvian – Lithuanian – Macedonian – Norwegian – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Slovak – Spanish – Swedish – Turkish – Ukrainian – Vietnamese Mate Translate is a Chrome extension that makes it easier to get translations while browsing the web. You can just select any word or text, press a hotkey and view the translation instantly, and the extension offers quite a few other useful features as well. Five Best Self-Publishing Platforms for EBooks For most people, the way to go to publish and sell e-books is through a self-publishing platform. The good news is that there are now numerous companies out there to choose from. So how do you know which one is best for you? We’ll help you find out in this article. Read More Tips on How to Make Videos for YouTube YouTube has moved away from a system of advertisements. As soon as you upload a video, it begins to accumulate views for a couple of days before it’s presented a5204a7ec7

★ Simplify the translation process, ★ Easily identify unknown words, ★ Permanent thanks for your contributions, ★ Lots of useful features, ★ Moderators on Discord that can help you, ★ Speed key that speeds up the translation, ★ Enabling your browser to run your extension in background mode, ★ Advanced filter options that allow you to only translate certain words, ★ Popup menus that allow for quick access to frequently used features, ★ Visually improve your web experience, ★ RSS feed that shows you updates about the extension.Summary You are Captain Jack Harkness. From a past you can't remember, you were saved by Torchwood, a strange team of specialists who help people like you. You were taken to another world, through a rift, but on the way back, you lost your memory. You came to Torchwood again, back from the dead, and now you need to find the Doctor, but before you can do that you must leave your old world. All aboard the TARDIS, Captain...Q: Чем опасно использовать implicit wait? В частном порядке используются следующие запросы по классу: driver.findElement(By.className("nav_class")); driver.findElement("id_div")); driver.findElement(By.xpath("path")); driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("div")); Насколько я понимаю implicit запросы являются опасными. Что с этим делать? A: Не сил


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