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What to Do With a Music Degree

When studying music professionally, the end goal is to probably come out with a career. However, the music industry is infamously known for its difficulty in finding jobs and it is stereotypically known to have low-paid jobs. So, read on to find out the types of jobs you can take up with a music degree!


Becoming a musician after a music degree is one of the most obvious and common career paths. Being a musician means doing what you love as your job, performing in orchestras and so on. You can be hired to perform in the most well-known orchestras and even if you don’t you can make yourself a name by performing solo, in a small group or at other events. Eventually, you will gain traction and make a career out of music.

Music Producer

You can have in-depth knowledge of music and use it to profit! Being a music producer is a highly-paid job if done well. You could create the next hit song or work with the biggest names in music too. The possibilities here are truly endless.

Music Teacher

Whether a private music teacher or a school one, you can use your degree to impart knowledge to other people who also want to learn music. Being a music teacher can fetch high salaries depending on who you are hired by and it adds to the joy of spreading music. Also depending on where you work as a teacher, your schedule can be flexible.

Music Therapy