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Welcome to the World of "Body Percussion"!

What is "Body Percussion"?

Body percussion is using different parts of your body to create rhythmic patterns for music. This may be performed on its own or as an accompaniment to the music.

Why "Body Percussion" is a wonderful activity for the kids?

  • Help to support the development of self-regulation skills in preschoolers.

  • Develop their sense of body awareness.

  • Heighten their development on gross motor skills and motor planning.

  • Increase their sense of coordination.

  • Improve their sense of "steady beats" and understanding different types of rhythmic patterns conceptually and innately.

Here are the 4 simple body percussion actions that you can do:

1. Stomp (Stamping)

2. "Patsch" (Patting The Thighs With Hands)

3. Clapping

4. Clicking

Activity Time!

Check out the YouTube video in our biography for a Body Percussion activity!

Do it with your little one and have fun :)

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