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The Most Prestigious Music Competitions

Musicians devote and dedicate years of their lives to perfecting their passion and technique when it comes to their instruments and performances. Many of them spend months in preparation for the world’s greatest stages where they have one shot to give it their all against hundreds upon thousands of other greatly talented musicians. Here are the world’s most prestigious music competitions.

Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition

The Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition is one of the oldest and most prestigious competitions globally. It is one of few piano competitions which are dedicated to the performance of music from one composer. The first of its kind was held in 1927 in the Warsaw Philharmonic and was initiated by Goerge Zurawlew (a well-known Polish pianist, teacher and composer). It has withstood the war and decades of conflicts and yet, still stands as an incredibly important and outstanding competition to this day.

Tchaikovsky International Music Competition in Moscow

The Tchaikovsky International Music Competition in Moscow takes place every four years in Moscow and is one of the most honourable competitions for instrumentalists in the world. It began in 1958 and has stuck to its four-year schedule since 2007. This competition is organised by a committee made up of prominent Russian musicians as well as the Russian impresario Concert Office “commonwealth”.

The Bach International Competition in Leipzig

The Bach International Competition in Leipzig consists of six categories (piano, organ, harpsichord, singing, violin and cello). It is mainly dedicated to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and is also mostly intended for young artists. It was also first held in 1950 and, since 1965, belongs to the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Geneva.


These three competitions barely scratch the surface of the iceberg but they are remarkable for the musicians they bring together as well as the way they have withstood the test of time.


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