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The Most Overplayed Piano Pieces

When you see a piano in a mall and have the urge to play on it, what piece is it that you turn to? Or, on the other hand, what is the most played song in malls and by people who choose to perform on these pianos?

Fur Elise

One of the most must-learn pieces a beginner has, its beginning notes are easily recognisable. However, what many may not know is how the piece sounds at its middle - it certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds at the start of the piece. Another rumour is that Beethoven, the composer of this piece, initially wrote it for one of his students, who he loved, to play. When it was clear she did not reciprocate his feelings, Beethoven complicated the piece in order to make it more difficult for her to play it - hence, the more difficult middle.

Canon in D

Arguably the most overplayed piece, Canon in D by Pachelbel is played, mostly, by beginner musicians for scale practice and finger strengthening. If not a sad commercial than a wedding is where you must have heard this piece at least once. It has become, almost, like a small inside joke in the music community just how overplayed this piece is. Still, it must have taken quite some genius to be able to create a melody as long-lasting as Canon in D’s.


This “piece” requires almost no talent or study whatsoever. Originally titled “The Celebrated Chop Waltz”, it has been condensed and simplified to Chopsticks. A supposed merry tune now reduced to perhaps an annoyance. Nevertheless, it is one of the most iconic “pieces” in the sense that nearly everyone can play it with no practice.


Although these pieces may be overplayed, it is not to say that you should not play them. They are the basics and foundation and what’s a musical education if you haven’t experienced playing any of these pieces?


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