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The Most Expensive Piano: Steinway & Sons Pictures at an Exhibition

It’s no surprise that pianos don’t come cheap, but this piano might shock you with its extremely high price. It truly does make you wonder if it is worth its value and the point of a pretty piano. Is it really worth it to buy a piano that looks nice when its purpose is to create music?

While it may come as no surprise to some, the most expensive piano is the Steinway & Sons Pictures at an Exhibition!

Priced at a whopping $2.5 million, this piano is the most expensive one available on the market right now! Painted by artist Paul Wyse, the steep price tag is evidently worth it when one takes a closer look at the intricate details of the artwork. The name of the piano is a reference to the seminal composition of Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky called Pictures at an Exhibition which literally represents the visitor’s experience of going from one picture to another.

The details of the piano further prove the price of it because it reflects all of the pictures from the music and the portrait of its composer - Modest Mussorgsky himself! Each painting in the museum was delicately painted by Paul Wyse and was no mean feat to replicate. The level of detail on this piano may even surprise you! The legs of the piano are magic Russian cuckoo clocks (also individually created and designed) and the piano even comes with its very own custom bench, carved in a Russian medieval folklore style.

This beauty captures critics’ attention and the time taken to create it makes it worth its value. The attention to even the finest of details is a sight to wonder and marvel and it is exactly what makes this piano a piece of art to create art with.

Would you buy it?


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