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The Most Difficult Instruments

While difficulty is subjective and there are many factors that contribute to it (be it repertoire, difficulty in learning it and even difficulty in mastering it), this list takes into account as many of these factors as possible. Without further ado, here is a list of some of the most difficult instruments.

The Violin

Many people mistake this as an easy instrument to play since it resembles a guitar. However, the truth is, learning to play the violin is difficult since it is an extremely complicated musical instrument.

There are many things one has to take into account when playing it.

Firstly, there are no frets. The violin has no frets as a guitar does and this makes intonation and playing the right note at the right pitch extremely difficult to even the most skilled violinist. Secondly, the amount of bow force required to produce a pleasant sound is subjective to the loudness that you wish to achieve. If you press on the bow too hard, it crunches and creates a chaotic noise and if you press too lightly, it produces a plain surface sound. Thirdly, the position you hold the violin in also matters.

The Piano

Seemingly simple to play as a beginner, the piano is easy to pick up. However, its difficulty increases when you take into account the need to play with both hands. This requires serious coordination and makes it complex. Furthermore, while the beginnings are easy, mastering the piano is extremely difficult. The repertoire for the piano is vast and many pieces are incredibly hard to play.

As Vladimir Horowitz said, “The piano is one of the easiest instruments to play in the beginning and the hardest instrument to play and master in the end.”

Do you agree with this list? Why or why not? And what instruments do you play?


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