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Is Music Necessary?

Have you ever stopped and wondered why music exists and if it is necessary? Or have you ever encountered anyone who has argued that music is not as important as it is portrayed to be? Most of us agree that music is a vital part of human life but can’t pinpoint why it is exactly essential. Look no further for this is a brief look into why music is important.

Music is a Basic Need for Human Survival

Although it seems extreme, music is actually extremely important to our human survival. Music adds light and life into our, well, lives. Have you ever watched a movie with no music? Or been to any party or wedding that’s been music-less? Music has been, is, and always will be, an integral part of our society.

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

When one cannot describe their emotions or when times are tough, music helps. Music paints a story, unlike poetry or novels. There are some things that just cannot be encapsulated or properly described with mere words. Sometimes, the best way to express oneself is through music.

Music Makes Us More Creative

Music helps everyone expand their creativity. It is a different medium through which one can express themselves which is why it provides a whole new set of tools for self-expression. There is so much experimentation one can do with music since it covers tone, speed and so on. With music, you can explore another facet of the arts.


Now that you know why music is so important to the human race, does it change your mind about it? Music is truly an integral part of our lives, without which we would not have the brightness that we experience now. It gives us life and helps us expand and explore our humanity, a task difficult to achieve without it.



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