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Benefits of Children Learning An Instrument

There are many benefits to a child learning to play a musical instrument!

A) It Teaches Patience

Playing an instrument means having to persevere through hours, days and possibly years of practice. Children must have patience while learning to set goals.

FUN FACT! Violin is an instrument that can teach patience! It takes patience to learn how to hold the bow & get the strings to make a sound.

B) It Improves Reading Skills

Children will improve their comprehension by learning to play sheet music, which requires identifying a note on the page and associating it with the pitch on their instrument.

C) It Boosts Confidence

Learning an instrument requires your children to play in front of their teacher, or eventually at a recital. They will practice, gain feedback & make adjustments. As they improve, they build confidence & self-esteem!

FUN FACT! The piano makes a great example as an instrument to boost confidence. It is an instrument often used for putting on a performance!

D) It Creates Responsibility

Most instruments take maintenance to keep them looking & sounding like new. Kids also learn to follow a practice schedule, whether at home or attending lessons. This helps in giving kids something to be responsible for.

E) It Increases Emotional Perception

There are many “emotions” conveyed through music (e.g. Excitement is produced via louder & higher pitch whereas sadness is produced via softer & lower pitch). Therefore, those who were musically trained can detect emotions in a deeper perception.

F) It Enhances Coordination